Bless this House | RBM-023

Bless This House
SATB Chorus with Orchestral or Wind Ensemble Accompaniment

Bless This House was written in 2002 at the request of internationally known mezzo-soprano Susan Graham for a performance of the Los Angeles Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl. The arrangement was premiered in that form on Sept. 2, 2002, as a gesture of honor for the victims of the World Trade Center tragedy on Sept. 11 of the preceding year.

Again at the request of Ms. Graham, a wind ensemble transcription of the arrangement was prepared for a performance with the United States “President’s Own” Marine Band at the 2nd Presidential inauguration of George W. Bush in 2005.
Some years following these performances, this SATB choral version of the song was prepared for use by ensembles wishing to perform the arrangement.

The wind ensemble version of the accompaniment for this work [RBM-238] is available for purchase from the distributor.

( dur: 3:00″ )

The orchestral version of the accompaniment is available for hire from the rental agent, ECS Publishing.

View: Bless This House – SATB Choral Score

View: Bless This House – Chorus / Orchestra

View: Bless This House – Chorus / Wind Ensemble