RBM-011 | Glory to God

This stand-alone choral piece originally represented the 4th movement of a much longer work – a Christmas oratorio titled: A Savior Is Born [RBM-110].

The music is neo-Baroque in character and uses the same text as the very well-known chorus of the same name from Messiah by G. F. Händel. Choral lyricism is alternated with fanfare-like statements to give a balanced and satisfying rendering of the famous Biblical utterance.

Full orchestral accompaniment materials are available for purchase from the distributor [RBM-246]. The original, 13-player version of the orchestration may also be purchased [RBM-228a].

In addition to the above accompaniment packages, a version for strings, piano and percussion [RBM-228] and a version for organ, brass quintet and percussion [RBM-247] may be purchased from the distributor.

( dur: 3:00″ )

All rentals arranged through ECS Publishing.

View: Glory to God – Choral Score

View: Glory to God – Full Orchestration


Full Orchestration