RBM-035 | Three Vignettes

Three Vignettes
Solo Trombone or Euphonium with Piano or Wind Ensemble Accompaniment

This concertino for Solo Trombone or Euphonium was composed at the request of noted trombonist Benjamin Osborne of Austin, TX. The work falls into three short movements:
       I. Recitative
       III. Burlesque

Movement I is a declamatory statement for the solo instrument, to be played somewhat freely in the manner of a recitation. Movement II contains broadly lyric music of romantic sensibility, most of which is cast in 11/8 meter. Movement III is an energetic, somewhat raucous musical example, somewhat reminiscent of traditional burlesque, a bit impudent in character and with distinctly jazzy overtones.

While the piece was original conceived for solo and piano, a wind ensemble version of the accompaniment has been created by the arranger and is available for purchase from the distributor. [RBM-220]

( dur: 8:00″ )

View: Three Vignettes – Solo Trombone, p1

View: Three Vignettes – Trombone / Piano Score, p1

View: Three Vignettes – Wind Ensemble Accompaniment, p1

Listen – Solo Trombone with Piano:

Excerpt 1
Excerpt 2
Excerpt 3

Listen – Solo Euphonium with Wind Ensemble

Excerpt 1
Excerpt 2
Excerpt 3