RBM-033 | Grace and Mercy

Grace and Mercy
SATB Chorus with Solo Oboe and Organ Accompaniment

This anthem was created to honor the conducting career of Robert Frans, and his 56 years of music ministry in the Chancel Choir of First United Presbyterian Church of Fayetteville, Arkansas. The work is broadly lyric throughout, with moments of strong declamation contrasting with more reflective passages.

The piece was built around excerpts from Psalm 51, as paraphrased by Mary Sidney Herbert, Countess of Pembroke (1561-1621):
      O Lord, whose grace no limits comprehend,
      Sweet Lord, whose mercies stand from measure free;
      To me that grace, to me that mercy send,
      And wipe, O Lord, my sins from sinful me

      Make over me thy mercy’s streams to flow,
      To ear and heart send joy, destroying woe.
      Lord, cast me not from thee; take not again
      Thy breathing grace; again thy comfort send me.
      Inspire a spirit where love of right may reign,
      And let the guard of thy free Spirit attend me.

      Unlock my lips, that I thy praise may bring.
      Then shall my mouth, O Lord, thy honor sing.

A specially-edited file for printing separate Solo Oboe and Organ parts is downloadable below.

( dur: 3:30″ )

View: Grace and Mercy – SATB Choral Score

View: Grace and Mercy ~ Solo Oboe and Organ parts – DOWNLOADABLE FILE