RBM-015 | A Simple Prayer
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Choral Score

A Simple Prayer
TTBB Chorus A Cappella

A Simple Prayer was commissioned by the celebrated Turtle Creek Chorale of Dallas, TX in honor of a significant anniversary which occurred within the ranks of the chorus. Largely reflective in mood, the work is tonal, though highly chromatic, and mostly non-contrapuntal – with the result that the text is very apparent to the ear in performance.
( dur: 3:00″ )

A piano reduction of the vocal lines has been placed below the choral music to assist the accompanist during rehearsal.

The poem:
How simple for me to live with you, O Lord.
How easy to believe in you.
When, in confusion, my soul bares itself or bends;
When the most wise can see no further than this night
And do not know what the morrow brings,
You fill me with the clear certainty that you exist, and that you
Watch to see that all the paths of righteousness be not closed.
From the heights of worldly glory, I am astonished by the
Path through despair you have provided me; this path from which I have been
Worthy enough to reflect Your radiance to man.
All that I will yet reflect, you will grant me and
For that which I will not succeed in reflecting,
You have appointed others.
How simple for me to live with you, O Lord;
How easy to believe in you.
      Alexsandr Solzhenitsn